Tuesday, 29 June 2010

More warm days

I must apologize for not updating my blog in the last few days. The heat has been making me unwell, and I haven't had the energy to bash out a decent blog post. So instead of commenting on the Kittens' adventures this time, i'll just upload the photos i've taken in the last few days.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Ruby's Secret Base

Well, i'm pretty sure now that Ruby and Baron like hiding beneath the big sofa in the living room when its too hot. Like today, when everyone in the house was sweltering under the heat.

If the sofa is a fortress, then today Ruby was on the barricades...

And, a close-up shot...

Those aren't marks on the wall, btw. My camera lens need a cleaning. Which i'm doing as i'm posting this as a matter of fact.

Sadly I couldn't catch Baron until later tonight when it was too dark to take any photos. However, both have pretty much got used to my company now, which is a good thing. They don't run when they see me now...

Friday, 25 June 2010

Looking inside the Box

The day before I made a little present for the kittens - a box with a blanket in which I thought they could use as a house. Sadly, it was too small for them, so I planned to make it bigger. However, I forgot I was dealing with kittens...

Here is what the box was like just as the Kittens were looking into it from above...

...And what happened afterwards...

It was cute and funny. I just wish the video on this blasted camera was working properly, and I would have filmed it. Next time I guess.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

A pretty slow day

I was out most of the day today, and I got back pretty exhausted. So unfortunately I had only about 30 minutes with the kittens before I seriously had to get some sleep.

It was hard getting some photos today, as both were play-fighting quite a bit. Seriously - it was the Kitten equivalent of Street Fighter in the living room today. Baron seems to have quit his drop-attacks after he missed and fell off the sofa while trying to jump on Ruby. She has a habit of grabbing Baron's leg and pulling him down.

Both were just playing though - they were snuggled up when I left them. Just as well - they were moving so fast, my camera could hardly keep up!

Here, the two of them are sitting down, pondering their next move. Ruby is above Baron at this point (about 6 seconds).

When Baron saw the camera, he was fascinated. Gave me time to snap a picture of him.

After a while, Ruby went and laid down in their bed. I managed to get a picture of her before she dashed off again. Which she did in 30 seconds time.

You may have noticed the pictures look different today. I used my Digital Point-and-shoot camera today to take the photos instead of my iPhone. Hopefully once I dig out my DSLR the quality will be sixty times better.

Ruby goes AWOL

Tuesday night we had a bit of a crisis. Ruby suddenly went missing. After scouring the house for her (I even crawled underneath my bed, getting covered with dust) we had no choice but to quit for the night. I fell asleep worried.

That morning, while me and Emily were getting together some breakfast, we heard high-pitched meowing coming from one of the bedrooms. We opened it up and Ruby jumped out! Cue a lot of cuddles and the like. She went and ate breakfast with her brother before snuggling up next to him for a nap.

We originally kept the kittens in the hallway, but it seems that Ruby likes finding dark, secluded spots to relax. So both of them are kept in the living room now, as there is just one door there and its shut immediately after its used. Makes the room a bit warm in summer, but its no big sacrifice.

Anyway, the two of them were pouncing around the room when I left them with Emily earlier. Baron seems to have been watching WWE or something, as he was doing drop-slams on Ruby during their playfights, using the sofa as a stand. Was very funny ^^

Welcome to Kittycam!

Hello, my name is Scott.

On Tuesday 22nd June 2010, two new family members joined us. Their names are Baron Von Mewington and Ruby Gloom. They are a brother/sister duo of kittens, just seven weeks old. This blog is here to catalogue their adventures as they settle in to their new home and enjoy their life with us.

This is Baron Von Mewington (Baron for short; Named by my Sister Emily).

He's very well behaved, and rather positive about things. He's the more outgoing and friendly of the duo. He likes playing with his sister Ruby, and is getting on well with our older cats Miles and Bagpuss.

This is Ruby Gloom (Ruby for short; Named by Me!).

She's very shy, and has a habit of hiding in small spaces where she can be alone. She is slowly getting used to us, but enjoys playing with her brother, Baron. She hasn't had much contact with Miles or Bagpuss yet, but Miles has been watching her closely.

So what adventures await these kittens? We'll just have to wait and see...